09-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

explaining difference between legal illegal immigration to liberal brick wall
how do we know if google is engaged in anti-competitive behavior google it
radical islam fuck trump usa wall
government light on guns rather than epstein pedophilia cult
not calling rifle ar 15 anymore call it ms 13 so democrats will protect
2 things didnt see at democratic debate american flag future president
democrats not coming for your guns beto orourke admits

Brainwashing the Next Generation of Socialist Robots

New York City Allows 1.1 Million Students Strike for Climate Change

Quote of the Day

quote dan crenshaw when you cancel student debt hard working people who didnt go to college subsidize

Fake News Update

mainstream media not building new wall replacing old one

Tweet of the Day

tweet hey beto know why youre not taking my 1r 15 because i have one

Message of the Day

when i die please dont say ill have another dog give an abandoned shelter one a chance

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