09-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

did you know during dark ages no guns must be why so peaceful
how hard aging hit you pocahantis elizabeth warren
beto orourke campaign headquarters people see you and buy more guns
elizabeth warren bernie sanders see your free stuff and raise you taxpayer pocket
new york times we have new headline editor democrat
kid going place motivate your answer go answer go
i was indian warrior elizabeth warren was my squaw brian williams
elizabeth warren hi kids skate board beer im your new highly approachable candidate
acme impeachment co road runner kavanaugh
iran spreading terrorism around world
hello facebook police want to report meme

Message of the Day

in world of kaepernicks be little boy with 4 bags of popcorn

Quote of the Day

quote dicaprio climate change charlie kirk

Tweet of the Day

tweet only people who advocate socialism communism people born in capitalist

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