09-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

antonio brown colin kaepernick wanna play catch
paying government taxes will stop climate change you bigot
why 3 cameras apple iphone one for you fbi cia
bernie sanders my first day as president will instruct agriculture to plant magic trees free shit will grow on
waiting for september to end jason michael myers
breaking news nike stop making shoes focus on knee pads kaepernick
elizabeth warren dont alwys pretend to be native american when i do to steal jobs from real ones
new york times propaganda of record kavanaugh headline
brian williams beto orourke come and take guns
show whistleblower tape recording obama putin more flexible after election
trump autographing wall liberal crying
justin trudeau apple iphone emoji

Quote of the Day

quote reason kavanaugh new accusers ones lied under oath never punished

Tweet of the Day

tweet trans women are women my kia is a mercedes

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