09-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

elizabeth warren invents new kinds of racism dont think it means what you think it means
democrats any problem can be solved by taking away life liberty warren sanders aoc beto biden
trump california guess youre not completely useless
new york times fish wrapped how degrading
im going to dress in black face for halloween tell libs im justin trudeau

how was california drugs rats shit
frankenstein monstrous abortionist kloper kept 2246 dead babies
no eating sandwichs in pool corn pop this is maga country

Quote of the Day

thomas sowell why greed when want to keep hard earned money but not when take someone elses away

Tweet of the Day

tweet tall blonde communist wont date man who makes less than 6 figures

Eyeroll of the Day

NBC News Asks Americans To Confess Their Climate Change Sins

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