09-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

my son asked for ghost story every 4 years democrats rise from grave and vote
elizabeth warren spend 100 billion on opiod crisis wont spend 5 billion on wall
maybe 100000 college debt not worth
move to america not learn english complain people wont speak spanish
when you run out of free trial make more accounts justin trudeau blackface
millenials first generation in human history to protest to have rights taken away
went to area 51 only found alf passed out whiskey
democrats we lost change the rules

Mainstream Media Unleashing Weapons of Mass Distraction

remember clintons pedophile epstein funny how quickly that story disappeared
new york times enquirer kavanaugh smear

Tweet of the Day

tweet ted cruz snopes hell yes beto taking guns away

Message of the Day

meet person responsible for success choices mirrors

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