09-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

elizabeth warren pocahontas politically incorrect liewawatha spreading bull dances with soros
mom why wear hijab my choice husband will beat go to hell
trump is symptom capitalism cause socialism cure mao stalin applaud little fools
husband gender reveal cake were here for sex cake
calling everything racist so hot right now zoolander
to all those yammering for gun confiscation go get them from criminals first as test run
elizabeth warren when batshit crazy just isnt enough
democrats idea of family father replaced by government
beto orourke 10 year challenge napolean dynamite
greta thunberg skipped school cries to push climate change propaganda

Tweet of the Day

tweet climate change girl attacking trump not china india sickening using kid propaganda

Quote of the Day

two types of pain one that hurts one that changes you

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