09-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

greta oh no swedish girl crying quick burn constitution and raise taxes
democrats launching impeachment proceedings
kids youll die old age before i die of climate change my money is on tide pods
remember eddie murphy dressed up in white face on snl lighten up folks
beto orourke burglarly dui dont qualify to buyback guns from me
democrats rabbit voters authoritarian control from cradle to grave
what to do with people in government rely on handouts kick them out of congress
chelsea handler white people need racial sensitivity classes not going to happen hangover
people in ancient times believed responsible for climate glad to see weve advanced from that nonsense
david hogg climate change girl propaganda
trump autographing wall no crazy swedish kids
david hogg there i was dying of climate change

Message of the Day

if you have to cover face to peacefully protest ugly coward wrong or illegal

Quote of the Day

quote last line in speech unveiling statue of liberty there is room for america for who all support

Tweet of the Day

tweet on behalf of sweden greta doesnt speak for us climate change

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