09-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ferris bueller girl trump collude with ukraine its pretty serious
breaking news teenager upset grownups rush to burn constitution
assholes we all know one balloon bomb defuse
scooby doo ghost greta unmasked george soros
when you thought you ran over an animal but it was just one of your co-workers
howard cosell looked into future not going to believe shit bruce jenner oj simpson
liberals trump supporters homophobic racist sexist trump signs all minority groups
drudge report trump indicted for mattress tampering
trump impeachment democrats acme wile e coyote roadrunner
breaking news alert you cant impeach trump because won election invaded safe space built wall doesnt care about your feelings
joe biden sending hillary people delete everything smash phones trump is on to us

Quote of the Day

quote ryan fournier democrats want to prosecute president for exposing crime elect one who committed it

Tweet of the Day

tweet mike huckabee adam schiff overheard sobbing in ladies room

Message of the Day

message why doesnt left support nuclear energy

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