10-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

watching friday 13th awful makeup on brain dead zombies sorry wrong channel the view
adam schiff what we going to do tonight pelosi same thing try to steal election
hillary clinton i know what would happen to someone who leaked my phone calls
climate change kids are being spun world not going to end your freedom is
democrats have figured out plant whistleblower justify new investigations
kim jong un trump make propaganda girl cry
adam schiff i dont always lie about president wait yes i do xx
digging into trump past is investigation investigating biden is digging for dirt

Fake News Propaganda Update

abc cbs nbc new york times editing ukraine trump transcript

Quote of the Day

quote lindsay graham only reason trying to impeach trump dont believe can beat him at ballot box

Message of the Day

message to all kids on strike for climate change

Tweet of the Day

tweet come on people hunter biden kicked out of navy for cocaine next logical step is 4 million dollar executive

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