10-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

winner 2019 hoax phillips blasey ford smollett climate girl greta thornberg robert mueller
just for fun throwing penny in far for every time media lies about trump
irony when liberals use wall as effective way to block traffic
hillary says trump fires anyone he doesnt like from the woman who kills those she doesnt
trump to step down as president january 2025
beto o rourke employment of month sign gun store
hillary clinton too bad no electoral votes in state of denial
hey democrats if you reelect trump you will have time to impeach him

Never Let Facts Get in the Way of Your Propaganda

fake checking greta thornburg on climate change

Quote of the Day

quote amy dc try to impeach this red blue electoral map

Democratic Hacks Who Determine “Hate” Speech

southern poverty law center believes following marx warren gore sharpton trump

Tweet of the Day

tweet anyone else find it odd whistleblower rules changed days before came forward

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