10-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

pay more taxes so government can fix weather like they did roads health care costs drugs
white privilege ability to suffer lifes universal indignities without blaming another ethnic group
boss leader in real life anyone born after 1992
gas powered van towing diesel generator charging electric car future is stupid
greta thurnberg saving world from capitalism vs venezuela who already have communism
adam schiff you know you screwed up when he heads intelligence committee
forrest gump just like that epstein murder story disappeared
4 people died in benghazi still dont have hillary clinton obama transcript media different rules

Message of the Day

fact its not about trumps corruption its about making sure you dont find out democrats corruption

Quote of the Day

quote always vote for principle john adams

Don’t Tolerate Google’s Censorship

duck duck go take back freedom safari settings

Tweet of the Day

tweet anyone at cnn want to consider why clinton foundation donations fell after lost election

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