10-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hope and change generation capitalism sucks you owe me
you deem blacks too incompetent to get id but those who want are racist
constitution was written because of peope like adam schiff
every time democrat uses word impeach new trump voter is created
george soros greta thurnberg i want a 3rd world dictatorship now
sony disney okay maybe one more spiderman move breaking bad cash
cable news covering trump impeachment 24 7 ratings
people stabbing trump in back msm romney fbi cia
progressive liberal parenting gender choice

Quote of the Day

quote alan dershowitz as liberal democrat appalled at nancy pelosi impeachment

Tweets of the Day

tweet knowles hillary clinton president is corrupt human tornado
tweet candace owens kanye west lyrics chick fil a anti lgbtq

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