10-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

trump youll never be president mittens mitt romney
back in my day merry go around total carnage adults didnt care
bill clinton face you make when you find your suicide date in wifes calendar
3 key piano specifically for todays top 40 music
car safety for children now and when i was kid
people in 60s government will wiretap your home now hey wiretap can cats eat pancakes
liberals so upset would think trump sold uranium to russia deleted 33000 emails let americans die in benghazi
trump impeachment first shouldnt there be crime noose
aoc ocasio cortez mmm free range babies
green new deal is just democrats latest scheme to steal our money change my mind

The Story Doesn’t Matter Unless It Fits the Narrative

mainstream media two climate change kids comparison greta

Quote of the Day

quote morgan freeman just because i disagree with you doesnt mean i hate you

Tweets of the Day

tweet bernie sanders education isnt crime ron paul interesting working isnt either lets cancel income tax
tweet trump tweaks nickelback meme liberals have traded away dave chappelle for nickelback

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