10-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

stop global whining
government protecting us from climate change since 1350
when someone says youre too old for superhero movies and video games guardians starlord
dog seeing titties for 1st time nice 69420th time nice
greta my generation will start revolution yours cant work 40 hours determine gender or eat meat without crying
joe biden what do you mean we cant impeach trump for something i did
dnc 2020 if you like your baby you can eat your baby
dont bet on cowboys packers
we must never question government said no founding father ever

Card-Carrying Member of Deep State

mitt romney tied to corruption in ukraine

Quote of the Day

quote morgan freeman just because i disagree with you doesnt mean i hate you

Tweet of the Day

tweet donald trump do nothing democrats should be focused on building up country

Impeachment Backfire

Here’s Why Trump Poll Numbers Are Defying Impeachment Mess

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