10-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ellen digernes why is everyone shocked that i like bush
bill chelsea clinton i didnt rape the ugly one thats mom
politicians bribing people with own money i am god c3po
1970 bet there will be flying cars 2019 pb and j sandwiches are they racist
fake brews witch hunt destroy trump pelosi schiff cia fba media
liberal noooo us jobless rate hits 50 year low
democrats announce 2nd whistleblower in impeachment investigation blasey ford
democrats pledge allegiance to politics impeach trump schiff nadler injustice for all
democrats fix our va repair roads improve education lol blow money on hearings and investigations
elizabeth warren wheel of fortune proud indian phony indian

South Park Apologizes to PC Communists

official apology to china south park trey parker matt stone

Quote of the Day

quote groucho marx secret of life is honesty and fair dealings

Tweet of the Day

tweet how powerful is media makes you focus on 1 in million things strip freedom more taxes

Message of the Day

october is breast cancer awareness month get puppies checked

Warmongers in Both Parties Are Outraged

babylon bee trump criticized for breaking longstanding tradition of staying in middle east indefinitely

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