10-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

climate change a timeline ice age acid rain global warming cooling
man who identifies as 6 year old dominates cross fit kids class
my body my choice your financial responsibility abortion
hillary clinton im the president of course you are dear nurses mental institution
us corporations actually taking stand against chinese oppressors fly rainbow flag tweet about it
cable repairman asked time said between 8am and 1pm
china president dont want memes posted looking like winnie the pooh
shepard smith leaving fox see no one will miss you

Quote of the Day

quote harry browne government is good at breaking legs handing crutch saying need us

Tweet of the Day

tweet planned parenthood if you got funding women die 45 million to fight trump reelection

Another Kaepernick Communist

Lebron James Bows to Chinese Communists
Lebron James Undermines Freedom in Most Disgraceful Moment of Career

nba fouls traveling bowing to china

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One thought on “10-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Hello –
    I frequent your website and use many of your excellent memes.
    I also place the link in my posts and replies.
    I hope your site is increasing in its popularity. You deserve it!

    Have you considered galleries for the lesser known DEM-SOC candidates?
    BOTATO, CORY, KAMALA all have influenced many memes ..
    You could add them as separate galleries, each with its own collection.
    Excellent site – thanks. [jim]

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