10-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

lebron james colin kaepernick nba nfl kneel for american flag stand for chinese flag
lane closed for no fucking reason road construction
watching trump cause meltdown in hollywood destruction political dynasties media into tabloid
welcome to debates craziest ideas score points being practical doesnt matter
hey joker makeup looks fabulous and im batman michael keaton
found lebrons daddy chine president
flags philadelphia boston communist hong kong american
jalen ramsey when youre traded from 0 tax state to 13.3 fl to california

Question of the Day

what are odds of biden pelosi kerry romney all have kids ukraine oil

Quote of the Day

quotes danny calton democrats scared american voters interfere in 2020 election

Tweet of the Day

tweet abc edited two separate kentucky gun range videos claimed as syria not a mistake

Message of the Day

tulsi gabbard views similar to bernie sanders considered right wing extremist by new york times

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