10-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

democrats searching ass for new gun laws and trump impeachment evidence
indians when you spend centuries killing each other but bad if europeans do it
trick or treat sign only take one cigarette
believe in something nike as long as it doesnt mean sacrificing revenue from china
ag barr for love of god arrest someone clapper brennan obama clinton
christopher columbus only immigrant liberals hate
trump blamed for causing violence in typically peaceful middle east
abc releases more combat footage from syria godzilla
rachel maddow good secondhand knowledge heard trump burned down cheryls she shed

Message of the Day

democratic party worlds biggest hate group

Quote of the Day

quote taylor swift rights being stripped away name one example

Tweet of the Day

tweet bush in iraq compared to trump in middle east liberals

The World of Hillary

Hillary Clinton Says Tulsi Gabbard is Russian Agent Groomed to Ensure 2020 Trump Re-Election

russia russia russia hillary as jan

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