10-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if putins plan create chaos in us who is really russian agent hillary or tulsi gabbard
im not allowed to decorate pumpkins s and m costume
hillary clinton childrens book everyone i dont like is a russian
nancy pelosi jeff dunham dummies comparison
what happened to clinton epstein story nothing we made up another one about trump so you forgot about it
squad aoc omar problem with america is old white men we support bernie sanders for president
sarah palin whos seeing russians everywhere now
democrats approve border wall after shocking photo of mexican smuggling straws to california
history first space walk houston we have problem nevermind just forget it im fine
we can only hope trump announces chick-fil-a as new g7 summit venue

Quote of the Day

quote ben carson white liberals most racist people of all

Message of the Day

message of day socialists wage slave vs taxes

Tweet of the Day

tweet charlie kirk congratulations to congress

Hillary Lie of the Day

tweet hillary clinton astronauts nasa timeline

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