10-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cake piece missing poison testing not poisonous
if youre having fun now wait until trump appoints 3rd supreme court justice
awkward moment when kid shows you picture of hands washing in sink dick pic
not sure if terrorist burning american flag or democrats
pelosi such small wrist tell barr to use same handcuffs as jeffrey epstein
i get my real news from trump twitter fake news from tv
man woman money bags bundles of joy car stickers
these countries laws kill gays un human rights council saudi arabia somalia pakistan qatar

Quote of the Day

quote jim morrison whoever controls media controls mind what is media trying to distract you from

Flashback Reminder

climate hoax acid rain global cooling warming change

Question of the Day

can anyone in utah tell me why you voted for this pos mitt romney

Tweet of the Day

tweet i cannot imagine how nervous gordon ramsays wife must get before eats her pussy

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