10-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Political Memes and Funny Pictures

i was jumped by 6 men man buns skinny jeans beto country soy latte
cnn uncovers evidence hero dog sniffed several butts in college
liberals in america drowning in made up problems
pence bet you cant get liberals defend isis trump hold my diet coke
trump quit your bitching nancy pelosi thought whistleblower told you about isis raid
trump wheel of fortune epstein did not kill himself
democrats outraged bidens 50 year old child is targetted but not baron trump
obama so you promise you wont build nuked pinky swear iran
cnn new bombshell report orange man very bad
trumpenol maga strength trump derangement syndrome

Quote of the Day

quote karl marx accuse your enemy of doing exactly what youre doing hillary clinton putin

Tweets of the Day

tweet when donald trump sneezed every expert bad health bernie heart attack media silent
tweet i bet new york times already looking for tweets as puppy isis dog

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