10-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog skeletons ripping apart vick jersey
if co2 is ruining planet vegetarians killing us eating plants
cnn right now trump kills unarmed father of three
washington post headline buffalo bill transgender icon amateur dermotologist
washington post headline emperor palpatine austere religious scholar dies at 87
complex calculations justin trudeau explains how he can march in pride parade and sell 15 billion weapons to dictatorship
donald trump employee of month president winning
trump supporters vs bernie supporters women burkas vs bikinis
bernie sanders my campaign is over change my diaper
clocks go back this week setting mine to 1775 when country had balls chicks didnt
pelosi schiff isis leaks baghdadi
hillary clinton tshirt lost because lying satanic witch from hell

Message of the Day

4 percent all americans millionaires 51 of congress inequality

Quote of the Day

quote danny calton basic difference between conservatives liberals state

Tweet of the Day

tweet jhn cardillo cnn wapo ny times msnbc hero dog

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