11-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

trick or treating at bernie sanders cost 70 percent candy
when you realize next april is 420 all of april next year cheech chong
pelosi schumer trump why didnt you inform us isis raid impeachment noose
leia jabba bikini strangling feminist with chain
cant believe california hasnt stopped wild fires by banning them
only 90s kids will remember male female choice
image trump dog getting medal photoshopped new york times
trump baghdadi killer list mainstream media never trump not so bad
california raises price of gas to get people to buy electric cars then shuts off power
2016 pelosi schumer trump will start multiple wars 2019 furious hes ending two wars
california liberals no clearcutting removal fallen tree natural mother nature fires

Message of the Day

you can shut down any liberal with the f word facts

Quote of the Day

quote beto orourke law enforcement recover firearms sheriff make cage

Tweet of the Day

tweets california goes without power for info contact hillary clinton

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