11-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

knowledge is knowing tomate is fruit bloody mary is smoothie
pelosi no one above law excep hillary mccabe comey obama lynch
all over world people standing up to oppressive governments us arguing which party to rule
climate change old enough to remember paper bags were blamed plastic was the solution
trump democrats isis economy employment must impeach
bill gates what can we do 30 years from now with pcs memes
creating joker 1989 throw into chemical waste 2019 society
jim acosta today proved dog depicted in tweet wasnt at white house
joe biden sniffing butt of hero dog

Quote of the Day

quote james harvey robinson partisanship both sides oppressors

Tweet of the Day

tweet rob reiner dog shouldnt visit whitehouse animals not as petty as democrats

President Trump’s “Crimes”

president trumps crimes newspaper editorial

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