11-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

reenactment of jeffrey epstein committing suicide
which of following allowed in california quiz marijuana straws electricity unpasteurized milk
maybe this is why congress not informed of baghdadi raid omar talib
nancy pelosi visits white house surrender trump
what did california have before socialism electricity
what obama sent terrorists cash what trump sent cruise missiles
bagdadi i was told there would be virgins fake news trump
beto orourke getting trump tattoo on arm
trump medal hero dog hillary clinton noose jeffrey epstein

Quote of the Day

quote gregg jarrett on adam schiff misdirection

Tweet of the Day

tweet trump isnt perfect but else socialism no borders antifa trump2020

Yeah, About That “Whistleblower”

whistleblower eric ciaramella fact sheet dnc fired clapper biden obama brennan

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