11-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

welcome to california socialism no logging or brush clearing
i picked a useless major which will never pay off student loans now socialist rich peoples fault im poor
dear mr kotter my son didnt kill himself epsteins mother
when woman laughs during argument psycho part activated abort mission
mega cuts barber size clitz cameron diaz cat
how i know republicans have more money spend twitter banning political ads
mexican word of day nacho candidate nominee president beto orourke
babylon bee nation surprised orourke running for president
joe biden adios muchacho beto orourke

Quote of the Day

quote ability of government to solve your problems proportional freedom taken away

Tweet of the Day

tweet laugh at fact flying cars by 2019 instead debating men have periods pet racist for white fur

Message of the Day

democrats dont want to impeach trump to save america its to stay out of prison

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