11-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

beto orourke you think this is funny gun owners joker laughing
whistleblower 1 800 shit for brains adam schiff
apparently only appropriate to say look how big youve gotten to children
broke millennials promises of free stuff bug zapper
democrats plan pelosi get trump spend spend spend
my shoelace broke today some blame on trump but i know its climate change
kamala harris complaining voters not ready for woman of color president democrat primary voters
make america wait unlemployment lines bernie sanders 2020

Quote of the Day

quote racist thing people can say is saying who i vote for because of race kanye west

Tweet of the Day

tweet what do christmas lights jeffrey epstein have in common dont hang themselves

Question of the Day

what makes liberal think illegal immigrants will obey laws when first thing they did is break them

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