11-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

illegal word of day damn democrats july about everything
asked siri who killed jeffrey epstein now doesnt work anymore clintons
hey trump haters pace yourselves youve got 5 more years to go
why men not allowed to take messages gynecologist pabst beer
dont always trust democrats steal my money spy on me sell out country cost of living up xx
stop posting impeachment spoilers just started season 2 mueller report
pelosi schiff we dont have anyone who can beat trump in 2020 try impeachment russia
i cant believe epstein killed himself butter
trump dog conan matching tshirts
joe biden quid pro quo schiff accuses trump

Quote of the Day

quote rudy guiliani contrast reaction obama got osama bin laden

Lets Review

list of calls for violence against conservatives trump supporters

Tweet of the Day

tweet massachusetts law to ban word bitch proposed by little bitch

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