11-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

reporter to guards has death of epstein traumatized you drying eyes with cash
sesame street taught me sharing bugs bunny revenge must be quick and brutal
how to make trump derangement sydrome liberals freak baron jared don jr ivanka
abc guardians of the pedophiles epstein
blacks wont vote republican because of racism despite 50 year history of democrats
cameron diaz youre a cat im bruce jenners dog
why the deep state hates trump leash shove up ass
hillary bill clinton cameron diaz cat shut up or youll get us both killed
big foot elvis riding lochness monster still more believable than epstein suicide

Quote of the Day

quote mike rowe debates are millionaires arguing with other millionaires how evil they are

Tweets of the Day

tweet james okeefe video confirms media horrible people
tweet mitt romney approval 18 percent

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