11-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bill clinton when wife kills your best friend epstein
this is why i dont want to pay for others health care fat woman pizza
bill moved from california to get away from leftists policies voted for same stuff in new state
buying cucumbers grab vaseline not vegetarian
president bill clinton and his whistleblower monica lewinsky
donald trump is batman comparison
abc we didnt kill the epstein story it committed suicide
greta thurnberg greatest actor of all time with leonardo dicaprio
candidates children off limits hunter biden sliming don jr
for the sake of privacy call him eric too obvious e ciraramalla

Corrupt Propaganda Review

abc nbc msnbc cnn cbs fake news history
republicans won 12 of 13 races on tuesday guess which one media is obsessing over

Quote of the Day

quote warren buffett end deficit in 5 minutes if more than 3 percent gdp sitting memebers of congress ineligible for reelection

Tweets of the Day

tweet candace owens sick of meghan mccain turning every political issue into tearful monologue on president
tweet people crushing media burying epstein news but pedophile not as evil as maga hat

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