11-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

winter is coming be prepared fill cough syrup liquor
trump election coming up why impeachment democrats didnt like your decision last time
why do you have coffee every day will you die with out it you might
electrician connect male to female let choose own identity
dumping food on floor no im not raising a politician ducks
hillary clinton suicide hotline like to place an order
happy 3rd anniversary hillary not winning presidency
epstein meme trend lasting longer than he did in prison
bad moon rise bathroom on the right cameron diaz angry lady cat
whoopi goldberg donald trump jr mopped the floor with me
cnn currently searching for 4 people who booed trump out of 101000 fans alabama

Observation of the Day

if police focus on rapes murders instead of drugs media on pedophiles instead of trump spelling errors

Quote of the Day

quote communism only works in heaven where they dont need it and hell where theyve already got it

Tweet of the Day

tweet charlie kirk battleground state polls

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