11-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cameron diaz angry lady cat bitch biscuit
california good news with rolling blackouts homeless less noticeable
when you go on view to promote book triggered and they proceed to prove your point the view donald trump jr
white cat to all my friends that agree with what i say thank you
greta thurnberg report all deniers to your neighborhood political commissar
hillary bet bill clinton thinking about other women please dont kill me
democrats letting you do what you want with your paycheck no more taxes yes
greta thurnberg shes taking action shes taking a dump cameron diaz cat
hillary called apparently im only few epstein jokes away from committing suicide
hillary clinton wikileaks should be ashamed for exposing my illegal activities

Quote of the Day

quote joy behar i dont care about jobs as long as trump in white house

Tweet of the Day

tweet if 20 people all stealing from same bank new president destroy i give you dc

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