11-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bernie sanders elizabeth warren when youve contributed nothing in your 70+ years but bash people who have
lucy charlie brown football done with this game democrats impeachment russia kavanaugh
gary busey when youre the reason for hr sensitivity training
adam schiff nancy pelosi angry woman cat trump
elizabeth warren medicare for all painting trash can
aoc end is near the world or her political party
hillary i bet hes dreaming of grande bill it didnt work nobody believes epstein killed himself
adam schiff pinnochio do you swear to tell the truth
angry lady diaz cat i have indian blook imahoe not a tribe
schiff pelosi trump is guilty now for the clown trial

Quote of the Day

quote bill oreilly crossroads in american history corrupt media no question allied with political party to destroy president

Tweet of the Day

tweet emerald robinson american media 2019 post abc cbs ap

Observation of the Day

trump im doing my job maybe congress should start doing theirs

Helpful Summary

guide to how impeachments have been held trump clinton nixon

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