11-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

diaz angry lady cat its called methamphetamine white trash slimfast
found out smh means shake my head not sex might help
university of pennsylvania silencing d souza calling white nationalist
not now cnn is about to tell me what i believe pussy hat
lucy never forgive anyone voted for trump shut up nobody cares tds
women emasculate men call them rapists femism where all real men gone
blasey ford a also heard the trump ukraine phone call
schiff when republicans refuse to remove trump impeachment how dare you
congressman jim jordan doesnt take democrats crap fellow republicans be like jim
babylon bee millenials wish some historical examples of socialism
liberal logic obama fired all bush ambassadors trump should be impeached for one

Quote of the Day

quote truth like surgery hurts but cures pie like pain killer instant relief side effects

Tweet of the Day

tweet hillary clinton epstein didnt kill himself stop sending me this shit

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