11-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dont laugh at children believe in santa some believe democrats are honest
tree cut down for billboard of kid hugging tree
democrats throwing mud shit at we the people trump blocking hit
whoopi goldberg tolerant left agree with them or yell spit kicked out of building tds
back to future just came back from year 2025 still trying to impeach trump
adam schiff two new witnesses nigerian brothers jussie smollett
david hogg there i was dying from climate change greta thunberg
diaz angry lady cat football helmet fight
what if i told you meaning of witness is someone who observed event first hand
kaepernick held workout see nobody cares

Quote of the Day

quote mark alexander impeachment from day one washington post headline

Tweet of the Day

tweet donald trump jr happy birthday whoopi thanks for getting triggered book to number 1

Random Thought of the Day

During the latest debate about Elizabeth Warren‘s proposed “wealth tax”, I’ve yet to hear one of the most obvious arguments against it–billionaires likely won’t pay it! We already have a wealth tax, it’s called the inheritance tax, and virtually no one pays it. Rich people with estates large enough to potentially get hit simply restructure & move around their assets using the best lawyers and accountants, so they pay nothing. The same is going to happen with a wealth tax. If it’s written into law, you can expect 1000+ pages of text (like all Congressional laws) that include all kinds of complex exceptions and loopholes. After all, most billionaires are hard-core democrats, so they must be protected. If by some remote possibility there aren’t enough feasible loopholes to get around the tax, billionaires will likely simply renounce their U.S. citizenship and move offshore to a tax haven like Grand Cayman or the Bahamas, it which case the tax collected will definitely be zero. Pocahantas’s proposal exists solely to score cheap political points and increase hatred of all things republican, conservative, or libertarian. Here’s an article that examines more of the pros and cons of the wealth tax.

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