11-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

trump has unemployment so low even colin kaepernick got an interview
diaz angry lady cat whoopi goldberg right wing pissing me off wouldnt if moved to canada tds
shifty schiff ukraine vodka 0 proof
as if donald trump came to washington turned on lights cockroaches scattered
california proving lefts ideas work no electricity straws gas stoves
decided to release drug dealers rapists prosecute real criminals like lori loughlin
without freedom of speech never know who idiots are
abc damn shame holding epstein story
putting random disney movies together epstein didnt kill himself
so cold out bernie sanders hand in own pockets
godfather 2 witness they told me to say about donald trump and i did
how democrat witnesses get bombshell evidence game of telephone kids
schiff creek no integrity paddle cnn wapo nyt msnbc npr cbs abc
trump blow up impeachment dollar schiff dick

Quote of the Day

quote worry about your character not reputation who you are vs what other people think

Tweet of the Day

tweet if you think trump was mean to ambassador should hear what obama did to benghazi one

Question of the Day

riddle me this during 3 years of trump witch hunt what have democrats done for country

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