11-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hillary says many urging her to run dad son shes too drunk to realize all trump supporters
leftists california sinking ship step to conservative states
me typing autocorrect fuck duck
elizabeth warren give me strength to also become fake doctor medicare for all
diaz angry lady cat america wants hillary to run in front of bus
remember boomer who hates millennial generation in between that hates you both
cnn have to get trump cant economy peace unemployment brian stelter misspellings
if you believe woman who lied about native american wont raise taxes to pay for trillions health care might have trump derangement syndrome
dumb and dumber ukraine president didn't pressure me
colin kaepenick theres no team in i believe in hating america sign

Quote of the Day

quote jim jordan isnt impeachment political campaign by democrats

Tweet of the Day

tweet educating liberals aclu courage award blasey ford

Yes, But THIS Time We’re Telling the Truth/h2>
we lied to you about russia now were lying about ukraine cnn msnbc cbs abc nyt foxnews

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