11-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

brief history of the hearsay impeachment trump telephone witnesses schiff
commandment dont ask government to fix problem they caused
patron saint of victimhood colin kaepernick
dad dont like guns am i adopted not yet cant find anyone who wants you yet
charlies angels bombed men dont like female led action no your movie just sucks
schiff pelosi most solemn duty overreach bribery extortion
bernie sanders elizabeth warren thats quid pro quo israel same thing blaming trump for
explains a lot schiff with jussie smollett resist
how long youd survive on every planet without spacesuit jeffrey epstein prison cell

Quote of the Day

quote what you dont see with your eyes dont invent with your mouth

Tweet of the Day

tweet trust pee wee herman anythony rice oj cosby more than hillary clinton as president

See If You Can Find Common Thread in Least/Most Taxed States

graph least and most tax friendly states yahoo finance

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