11-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

show up for thanksgiving dinner maga hat triggered book donald trump jr
angry lady diaz cat youre alcoholic nope they need a drink i have one dilly dilly
angry lady diaz cat you dont know pink floyd the wall maga hat
kid going to college coming back as karl marx
absolute waste of time impeach flavored vodka crafted by democrats bitter tears 0 proof
welcome-to-ny where looters elected to steal from producers cuomo
even little boy gets it joe biden biting girls hair
donald trump democrats jb shoots customer democrats impeach him for investigation of jb
babylon bee impeachment inquiry cancelled after 5 episodes

Message of the Day

Quote of the Day

quote as government expands liberty contracts ronald reagan

Tweet of the Day

tweet kevin mccarthy denying usmca deal because of impeachment

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