11-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

1919 vs 2019 manure spreaders cann msnbc nyt post abc vice newsweek
marsha jan cindy boomers millenials gen x hate this family
angry lady diaz cat this corner available for job for you
anti gun lobby law abiding citizens screwed by government dogs
hillary clinton when youve killed all your friends so have to wish self happy birthday
adam schiff weve got nothing thats all folks looney tunes
angry lady diaz cat trump is dick just what you liberal pussies need
ukraine hoax looks like russia mueller blasey ford etc
cold play not touring climate change private jet

Quote of the Day

quote youre different going to meet people intimidated by you screw them

Tweet of the Day

tweet dan borgio andy ngo left violent protestors antifa

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