11-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

thanksgiving elizabeth warren 1 1024th indian mitt romney conservative
free speech expermient youtube google facebook twitter racist
hello 911 trump is still president and giving medals to dogs now
how to keep neighborhood kids away winger snowman eating kid
george washington if i was alive id bitch slap you for allowing this to happen with government
tshirt there are more than two genders only available male female
hes probably thinking about other women baby yoda jedi child support dagobah
santa clause what do you want epstein murder investigation unicorn
dont talk politics at thanksgiving bring wine trump brand
babylon bee nations progressives thankful so much to be angry about

Quote of the Day

quote dsouza paradox of liberal tolearance not conservatives

Tweet of the Day

tweet want to smash patriarchy go after epstein sotry hundreds powerful men preyed on young girls

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