11-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

thanksgiving black friday emts nurses cops soldiers work every holiday retail everyone loses mind
finding winner among democratic primary candidates like finding tootsie roll in septic tank
first climate summit melting our fault quick lets tax the shit out of ourselves
voters only two choices wrong one doomed us all
describe american left in one image tall blonde communist wont date man makes less than 6 figures
angry lady diaz cat i hate your president and his hair like to see after he is re-elected tds
schumer impeachment crap isnt working hillary lets act like we care about kids at border again
coyote what did road runner do gun scope
ralphie lil adam schiff bullshit decoder ring
be thankful hillary clinton is not our president

9th circuit blocks trump turkey pardon cnn

Quote of the Day

quote greatest lesson ive learned still have lot to learn

Tweet of the Day

tweet brit hume bloomberg buying votes with his money sanders warren buying with your money

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