12-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when mushroom wears off realize you were not space smuggler harrison ford dog
angry lady cat my weight gain cause by slow metabolism and fast fork
omg santa claus impeachment hearings rudolph dancer prancer overheard confirmed by elf on shelf
proud democrat diverse candidates should we vote for rich old white guy from vermont or new york
reindeer did you eat all your beans 13 cans santa sleight
trump tweets out rocky photo trolls mainstream media serves dinner troops afghanistan
never tried to outrun cops but if smart car one shows up behind me will take chances
sign gun control petition clint eastwood get off my lawn

Quote of the Day

quote ali political correctness tool used to silence

Tweet of the Day

tweet buck sexton russian invaded ukraine crimeria kill civiliams under obama 1 1000th media attention

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