12-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

angry lady diaz cat got shoes gots hoes
going away with kids is not vacation is change in location
mtv wtf happened to the music
trump is idiot look at type you spent day repeating his message for him youre a racist tds
when squad gets ready to go out and protest trump tds
youre not the boss of me i say as i let dog out 17 times in a row
michael bloomberg nanny state no choice

Quote of the Day

quote im not afraid to die afraid to live on my knees in world run by lesser men

Tweet of the Day

tweet rasmussen poll trump support growing

Message of the Day

“Conspiracy Theory”, like political incorrectness, is simply another method to silence opposition and smear opponents.

pedophilia still think conspiracy epstein feldman tosh bill clinton un report o connor

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