12-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

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politically incorrect humor facebook page removed tech fascism

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mark zuckerberg only thing i love more than stealing others ideas is their freedom of speech
twilight zone imagine voter base so brainwashed candidates raise taxes unprotect border disarm them still vote democrat
trump accomplishments weightlifter democrats electibility fake news credibility
jeff zucker wizard of oz behind the scenes every cnn bombshell
transgender bigot girls bathroom not allowed to speak the truth anymore
record breaking cold how dare you mother nature greta thunberg climate change
democrats stop attacking our guys for wearing maga hats we dont attack yours for wearing dresses
suing gun manufacturers because guns used in crimes should sue sign company since defective

Different Rules for the Peasants

michael bloomberg 2 helicopters 3 places 42 cars you should take bus

Quote of the Day

quote danny carlton latest liberal mantra been proven that propaganda

Tweet of the Day

tweet bridget mark ruffalo favorite liberal genre rich enough to hate capitalism

Big Tech Fascism Update

Google and YouTube Take Down Over 300 Trump Ads

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