12-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

facebook you dared post the truth you must be eliminated
dil doh look at me im your boyfriend now
hillary clinton im under enormous pressure to run for president no you're not
cat care clinic next to asian cuisine restaurant
how many people work at your company me about half of them dicaprio
biden how are you front runner in this race pete elizabeth warren bernie sanders i get it now
kamala harris are you ready to pay attention to this focus group now california
schiff democrats 2019 accomplishments russia collusion hoax impeachment sham
kamala harris dropping out of presidential race cant even beat finger biting cant remember fuzzy leg guy biden

Quote of the Day

quote winston churchill best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter

Tweet of the Day

imagine phone company shutting off services dont like what you and your friends talk about that is facebook today

Big Tech Double Standard of the Day

twitter double standard hate white black people trump clinton

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