12-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

nadler my committee hearing constitutional law professors schiff dont let stray into due process hearsay inadmissability
angry lady diaz cat youve bad bad all year spanking santa claus
charlie brown lucy look into clouds adam schiff see trump russians impeachment
joe biden santa clause no malarkey i love kids jumping on my lap
bernie sanders as president moves tax it keeps moving regulate stops subsidize
tattoos should make more employable hours tiny needles jammed into skin like every corporate meeting
hunter biden 50000 a month totally got that gig on my own merit
nancy pelosi i dont hate trump just his voters 2016 election torch
babylon bee my mom said you guys have to let me play defiant colin kaepernick tells kids

Quote of the Day

quote kurt cobain they laugh because im different i laugh because theyre all the same

Tweet of the Day

tweet hillary clinton wrote to nasa werent taking girls qudosi blew chance to launch her to outer space

Psych Disorder Poster Boy

adam schiff mentally ill dangerous symptoms of psychosis

SNL Democratic Debate

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