12-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when someone asks directions put address in phone and do what it tells you
when i was young wondered how jim jones got all those folks to drink kool aid now i get it tds
socialist communist progressive democrat walk into bar who pays for drinks
elizabeth warren cleveland indians baseball card
articles of impeachment didnt win in 2016 cant win in 2020
never talked to trump wasnt on call learned from politico impeachment clown star witnesses
misogynist noun someone who wins an argument against a feminist
active shooter dead muslim media didnt even get chance to say right wing christian
government is corrupt at every level dont worry will investigate itself muppet old men balcony

Random Thought of the Day

Regular followers of this blog know that Facebook recently deactivated both the Facebook page for this website (with 60,000 followers) and my personal Facebook page even though I don’t post political stuff to the latter. Not surprisingly, Facebook hasn’t answered appeals and provides no way to contact a person by email or phone. I never once advocated violence, used racial slurs, called people names like idiot or libtard, or did anything most normal people would find offensive. I took great pains to keep things light and humorous. It didn’t matter. It was conservative/libertarian and often pro-Trump, which is unacceptable in the eyes of the Big Tech fascists. There were plenty of potential posts I skipped that would probably be seen as non-offensive by 99 percent of the country. Then it occurred to me–even before Facebook completely censored my material, I was in effect often self-censoring to appease their leftist & vague “community standards.” How many others out there on Facebook, Twitter, etc. are also censoring their own material? How free do you think they feel to speak their minds if they were banned by one of them but eventually got back on? The free speech dangers created by Big Tech censorship are increasing exponentially and cascading in ways few would expect. The time has come to fight back!

powerful oppressor person banned resistance twitter google cnn nyt facebook

Quote of the Day

quote jerrold nadler never be impeachment supported by only one party

Tweet of the Day

tweet candace owens taylor swift divisive kanye west preaching love todays america

Lesson of the Day

george washington franklin jefferson classical liberals nowadays libertarians

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