12-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

elf on shelf hung cell hillary clinton
when you had hard day guy brings food wine bj worthy
christmas dinner synopsis liberal family members conservative car between
impeachment tree this is going to fall on trump not democrats right
willy wonka if vegetables are so good why do vegans make it taste like meat
michael bloomberg banned sale of drinks larger than 32 ounces allowed public schools to give abortion pills to 12 year olds
overheard from kid at mall of america wisdom teeth out gotta make room for dicks
call me crazy government lied about stds trafficked drugs 21 trillion in debt
nancy pelosi when youre grasping at straws but forgot you banned straws

Quote of the Day

quote greta thunberg should be writing letter to santa but you fuckers are melting his home

Tweet of the Day

tweet bill bye if dentists make money from bad teeth why trust 4 of 5

Question of the Day

republican doesnt commit crime but democrats claim he has political motives

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