12-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

you can be funny without being an asshole i cant but you probably can
schiff pelosi schumer what you say big daddy msnbc cbs cnn new york times huffington post
if you 17 fbi mistakes that all favor one party harming trump those arent mistakes
howard cosell looked into future bruce jenner oj simpson
oscars liquor shut up live youre fine
two types of people in world those who think die hard not christmas movie those who are wrong
angry lady cat smudge john legend voted sexiest man alive whe we have electoral college
nancy pelosi trump is dictator we cannot afford to let american people decide his fate
joe biden should tell hillary santa knows killed epstein then take his job kids sit on lap
aoc democratic socialism candace owens in other words you flunked history economics classes

Quote of the Day

quote anne frank in spite of everything still believe people are really good

Tweet of the Day

tweet passed on scalloped potatoes knew then she would sleep with me

Message of the Day

they live glasses everything changes once you wake up obey conform

Big Tech Conservative/Libertarian Censorship Update

Youtube Bans ‘Malicious Insults’ and ‘Veiled Threats’


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